Miracle League Baseball

Miracle League Baseball operates in two seasons, Spring and Fall at a handicap accessible field in the San Francisco Peninsula. We play 2 innings per game with no outs. The coach pitches, everyone bats, and everyone wins!
All special needs athletes are welcome to play in the Miracle League. You do not have to be a resident of the San Francisco Peninsula to play. We group the athletes based on age and playing experience.
Players have a buddy to assist them and focus on enabling the athletes to use their abilities, have fun and keep safe during play. A player registration form must be completed annually. Registration for the 2019 Spring Season will open on January 1st.

About our Players

Disability is a natural condition of the human experience, affecting approximately one out of 8 people. There are more than 10,000 youth and young adults enrolled in Special Education classes in San Mateo County, and close to 30,000 in Santa Clara County. Many of the children and adults that participate in the Miracle League of San Francisco Peninsula
(MLSFPEN) have been told that they cannot participate in certain activities, including sports. MLSFPEN supports a philosophy of interdependence and respect for difference and views disabilities not as deficiencies, but as conditions requiring some accommodations. Each participant’s needs and contributions add to the richness of the whole community.
MLSFPEN creates a unique inclusive community that meets a variety of needs benefiting those who have disabilities as well as everyone in the community. MLSFPEN helps remove physical, social and attitudinal barriers that allow people to use their natural ability and contribute to society. It gives everyone access to things we value and it acknowledges that we value everyone in our community. Inclusion is about creating a culture that will enhance the community’s capacity to embrace diversity and implies acceptance of differences and in the case of MLSFPEN, it means welcoming and valuing someone who would otherwise be excluded.

What is it Like to Play in the Miracle League?


Contact Gary Morton for more information


Phone: (650) 867 - 4094


The Miracle League of San Francisco Peninsula

PO Box 130

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019-0130


Spring season will run from March 17th - May 19th.

Early registration closes on March 9th.

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