Buddy Program

Buddy Registration is now open for the 2019 Spring Season.
The season will run from March 24th - May 19th with a total of 7 Sunday games at Hawes Park. Buddies will be required to go to the March 17th Orientation Day. Exact times still to be announced.
Please click on the buddy registration button to sign up!

Buddy Program

What is a Buddy?

Buddies protect and assist the player in batting and running the bases (if needed), and are a friend on and off the field. We are extremely proud of the bonds formed between our buddies and players. Before games start, buddies arrive early to greet their players with a smile and a hug. Hands are held as players are led onto the field, walking them up to bat, running bases, and many times, just because. Over the course of each season, buddies learn exactly what kind of support their athlete needs, and in turn learn more about themselves. A buddy's self-confidence grows on a parallel path with that of the players. Many times, buddies stay paired with the same player season after season and often develop friendships beyond the field.

The Buddy program has great impact on all participants. Buddies and players alike learn valuable skills like patience, understanding and compassion. By providing players with a Buddy, parents can enjoy watching their son or daughter play the game and also allows them time to socialize with other parents. Buddies partner with a player’s parents to ensure the specific needs of their son or daughter are met on the field.

What is a Floater Buddy?

If you are unable to commit to volunteering for the entire season but want to be involved on the field, you may be able to participate as a Floater Buddy.

Buddies that are not assigned to a specific player and buddies who want help out as needed throughout the season can be a Floater Buddy. If a player’s regular Buddy is unable to attend a game, Floaters will be asked to fill-in.

Who is eligible to be a Buddy and what’s the process to apply?

Buddies are youth 10 years of age and older and adults who want to assist on a regular basis and enjoy the season from beginning to end with a player. Each buddy is paired with a specific child every season and will be expected to attend games and practices regularly for the entire season. If we have more buddies than players, you may be eligible to be in a “Floater Buddy.”

What is expected of a Buddy?

Buddies need to be energetic, committed and enthusiastic for each game. Buddies are a player’s biggest supporter on and off the field for the season. We encourage buddies to keep a consistent schedule. This allows for Miracle players to grow more comfortable with their new friends. Buddies are responsible for their individual player from the time of introduction until the player is back in the care of their parent/guardian. This means that no matter where their player goes the Buddy must go.

On game days:

  • Buddies are expected to protect the player at all times.
  • When a hard hitter is up at bat, Buddies are to step in front of the player for protection.
  • Always allow the player as much freedom as possible to play his/her game and position.
  • Run around the bases with the player or provide appropriate assistance (example, if the player is in a wheelchair, push them around the bases).
  • Assist the player according to their needs.
  • Notify the Miracle League Volunteer Coordinator or player’s parents at least 24 hours prior to game time if unable to attend the game.
  • Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the field.
  • Have fun with the player and enjoy the game

Do Buddies stay with the same player all season?

In order to encourage friendships and establish a level of comfort, buddies are assigned to the same child or team for the entire season. However, we also welcome buddies who may not be able to attend each game and would want to assist wherever help is needed. If a regular Buddy is unable to attend a game, you can be a “Floater Buddy” to ensure each player is comfortable and safe each game.

Can Buddies receive credit for service hours?

Buddies can receive credit and, if necessary, a written recommendation towards service hour requirements for school or other organizations upon completion of a full season. If credit hours need to be documented, please advise the Buddy Coordinator.


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Spring season will run from March 17th - May 19th.

Early registration closes on March 9th.

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