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The Miracle League of San Francisco Peninsula (MLSFPEN) is a charitable organization that provides children and adults with learning and developmental disabilities an opportunity to play baseball as a team member in an organized league.

MLSFPEN actually started at a wedding reception in a County Park in San Diego. Gary Morton was at a wedding reception and heard a ballgame being played at the park. His love for baseball won out, and he left the reception to watch his first Miracle League baseball game. The special needs players and their buddies brought tears of joy to his eyes, and at that moment he decided to bring the Miracle League to the San Francisco Peninsula.

We just completed our 2018 Fall League in Redwood City and are preparing for our 2019 Spring League. Our goal is to build a custom field for the safety of players using wheelchairs and assistive devices, a field they can call their own and share with everyone in the community.

Mission Statement

To bring together the San Francisco Peninsula and special needs youth and their families, helpers, and friends to play the glorious game of baseball. To provide a specially designed Miracle League field that makes it possible to play baseball even when the player has a wheelchair, braces or other mobility aids. To provide an opportunity for all youth with special needs to grow new friendships; to grow self-esteem, and to grow the joy of helping others.


Contact Gary Morton for more information

Email: MLSFPEN@gmail.com

Phone: (650) 867 - 4094


The Miracle League of San Francisco Peninsula

PO Box 130

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019-0130


Spring season will run from March 17th - May 19th.

Early registration closes on March 9th.

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