- Heather Keller, Mother to Dylan and Jake Keller, two amazing Miracle League Buddies

"Something special happens at Miracle League games. It is ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time.  From afar, you might think you are seeing just another Sunday afternoon baseball game- but step closer, and you will see more.  The players are children and adults who so often feel like the world is not designed for them, a world where they might feel different, where they can't always participate in the same way their peers do. But at Miracle League, they are just another baseball player, getting to experience what so many might take for granted.  And right by their side, you will see their dedicated buddies.  These buddies all have a love for the game, and they ensure that the players get the full experience of being a real baseball player.  And you just have to look in the stands at the faces of the family members and friends of the players and buddies to see how special it is- some will have tears streaming, some will share that this event is the highlight of their week, and all will cheer as each player rounds the bases to score."  

"I have had the very fortunate opportunity to be a volunteer with the Miracle League of SF Peninsula since its inception. My daughter is a Board member and I coached an adult team during the first season and recently completed coaching a children’s team during this past season. After a long week at work where I face stress relative to my work environment, being out on the field and seeing the joy that the simple game of baseball brings to these very special players is a feeling that is hard to describe. My Sunday afternoons with the Miracle League remind me of what is really important in life; hearing someone cheer when your name is called, hitting the ball with a bat, running the bases and scoring runs, and making new friends are all experiences the special adults and children who participate in the Miracle League games have with their families cheering them on. I so look forward to my Sundays with the Miracle League. Thank you, Gary, Scott, and Ilana for all you have done to make this miracle a reality."                                 

-Marcey Winawer, Miracle League Head Coach

Before playing in the Miracle League my son, Jaxson, always wanted to play baseball but was too nervous to try. After his first game, he was hooked! The Miracle League has given him a newfound confidence that has carried over into his schooling as well. It has given him a sense that he belongs and can play the sport that he loves without the pressure of having to perform. Jaxson gets so excited when he hears that people are cheering for him. We both look forward to Sunday’s and can’t wait for the season to begin! 

- Danielle Minkel, Mom of Miracle League Player

- Letter from the Teachers of the Bridge School