- Heather Keller, Mother to Dylan and Jake Keller, two amazing Miracle League Buddies

"Something special happens at Miracle League games. It is ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time.  From afar, you might think you are seeing just another Sunday afternoon baseball game- but step closer, and you will see more.  The players are children and adults who so often feel like the world is not designed for them, a world where they might feel different, where they can't always participate in the same way their peers do. But at Miracle League, they are just another baseball player, getting to experience what so many might take for granted.  And right by their side, you will see their dedicated buddies.  These buddies all have a love for the game, and they ensure that the players get the full experience of being a real baseball player.  And you just have to look in the stands at the faces of the family members and friends of the players and buddies to see how special it is- some will have tears streaming, some will share that this event is the highlight of their week, and all will cheer as each player rounds the bases to score."