It all Started with a Wedding...

Gary Morton is not one for sitting still so when he heard some familiar pings, Gary sneaked away from the exuberant party guests and towards the classic noise of baseballs clinking off bats. 

Gary was expecting to find just a conventional Little League Game...

but right in front of him were about twenty kids with special needs. They all were paired with a buddy and playing BASEBALL!!! Gary sat on the bleachers and witnessed the announcer booming each player's name over the sound system, the parents cheering wildly, and what could only be an atmosphere of unmistakable joy.

When he saw baseball, the sport that he had a life long passion for, bringing so many special needs families together, Gary was overwhelmed.

When one of Gary's daughters finally found him, he was filled with emotion. Gary's daughter Sarah, who had been disabled, had recently passed away. The game in front of him seemed like a sign. By the time Gary and his family headed back from the Los Angeles wedding, The Miracle League of SF Peninsula was already beginning to take form. 

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