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Volunteer Information

The Miracle League of SF Peninsula has been so blessed to have wonderful volunteers that are at the heart of our program. Over the years we have noticed that buddies who are able to come on a more consistent basis are able to form better and more meaningful friendships with their assigned players and the player tends to feel more comfortable and have a better overall experience. This season we will be trying a new type of volunteer system, placing an emphasis on trying to get more full-time buddies as well as a more consistent line-up of game-day volunteers

Full-Time Buddy

Full-Time buddies are assigned to one player who they will be paired with for every game. We ask that full-time buddies commit to being at at least four/five of the games. We understand that various things come up and we are willing to work around these, but we do ask that full time buddies let us know by the WEDNESDAY before the Sunday game if they are unable to make that specific game.

Waitlist Buddy

Waitlisted buddies are similar to the floater buddy position we have had in the past, however, it is a way we can better control the number of volunteers we are having come to every game. Waitlisted buddies are buddies who are unable to fully commit to being a full-time buddy but still want to volunteer. When you choose the “Waitlist” buddy during registration you will be prompted to select which dates you are available to be a buddy. On the Thursday morning before the Sunday game an email will be sent to all the wait-listed buddies who marked they were available on that day. The email will contain a spreadsheet with the number of needed buddies for that game and then buddies will be free to sign up for one of those spots. Selecting that you are available to be a waitlisted buddy for a date does not mean you are required to participate on that day, it just means you will be on the email list for open slots for that game.

Gameday Volunteers

There are more ways to get involved with the Miracle League than just being a buddy. This year we have several volunteer opportunities that we would love your help with! Please view the document below to view all the different volunteer jobs that we need filled out for each gameday. When you sign up as a volunteer in our registration portal you can sign up for the dates and jobs that you are interested in. 


Each year we need at least four head coaches and four assistant coaches. Both head and assistant coaches help pair their players with their buddies, support buddy-player interaction, direct the batting line-up, help players and buddies in the field, and most importantly build team spirit! 

Age Requirements for Volunteers

For our youth game the minimum age for being a buddy is 12 years old*.

For our adult game the minimum age for being a buddy is 16 years old. 

We do allow adults over the age of 18 to be buddies in the adult game. We do require background checks for all of our volunteers above 18. These are background checks are free, can be done at home, and take less than five minutes. 

*We allow individuals who are younger than the age requirements to volunteer if they co-volunteer with a parent/older sibling/friend who is 16+